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What is a letter from the Bureau of Individual Taxes for?

Resolved Question:

I got a letter from Bureau of Individual Taxes from Harrisburg, PA. It's the first time and I don't understand anything on it. Here is what they sent:

Assessment Number Not Assessed Tax Year: 2008
Pre-assessment amount $52.02

Balance(s) due for your account as of Jan 30, 2012
Owed Paid Balance
UND PNLTY 17.70 0 17.70
Legal 0 0 0
Interest 38.28 0 38.28
Use Tax 0 0 0
PIT Tax/RFD *108.00- 0 354.00

Plus other tax years liabilities .00
Total due now - (please Pay this amount 
using the enclosed coupon)

The reason for this notice are as following:
Penalty for filing timely but underpaying your tax due is 5% of the unpaid balance.

Unreimbursed business expenses do not include mileage for every day travel to and from your place of work or tolls and parking as everyday expenses. Unreimbursed expenses are limited to those incurred while performing the duties of your employment.

As a result of the adjustment to your income, your tax forgiveness has been adjusted or disallowed.

Submitted: 5 years ago.
Category: Tax
Expert:  Robin D. replied 5 years ago.

From what you have stated, the notice is telling you that the amount used for Business expenses is being disallowed. If you wish to appeal, you have that option. You also may appeal the penalty and interest with the Board of Appeals after you have received a Notice of Assessment.

They assessed the penalty for not paying the tax due. The 5% rate was based on the tax due from the change of your expenses.

I suggest you call the number on your notice and speak with an agent. You are normally given 90 days to appeal the assessment and show your documentation that substantiates your claim for the deduction.


This is the first notice. Why do I have to pay interest? What could an agent do for me? The Business exp. is being disallowed because of a new law, or because of a wrong claim? $409.98 is the amount I have to pay them?

Robin D:

The agent would be able to explain the exact notice content to you and assist in filing the appeal if you wished. The interest is attached because had you not claimed the expense on your tax there would have been more when you filed. There is no new law, they are disallowing because they say you are counting miles to get to your regular place of business and not in the course of leaving that regular place and having to drive around to do business. Yes, what you are telling me. An agent with PA would be able to pull up your account and actually tell you line for line what they are questioning.

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