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wHERE DO i FIND information on the valie of trees burned in

Customer Question

wHERE DO i FIND information on the valie of trees burned in a wildfire?
Submitted: 5 years ago.
Category: Tax
Expert:  Lev replied 5 years ago.


Hi and welcome to Just Answer!

To get the value of the tree for insurance, liability or tax deduction purposes - you need to perform appraisal. Generally four factors are used for appraisal and evaluation of trees (or other plants) - see mor einformation here -

  • The tree size (age).
  • The tree kind (classification according to the region and zoning).
  • The tree condition (how healthy is it? is it well-maintained? conditions of roots, trunk, branches, and buds).
  • The tree location (standing alone tree or part of a tree group? the contribution of a tree to the overall value of the property).

To translate these factors into a dollar value professional appraisal by the Certified Arborist is preferred. -

JACUSTOMER-6ihyz933- :

We loss 4000 mature trees in 32 acres to wildfire. What do you suggest?

JACUSTOMER-6ihyz933- :

we loss 4000mature trees on 32 acres. What do you suggest?


You need to get an appraisal - there is no other way to determine the value.
You may do an appraisal by yourself, but it would be more valuable if you hire a local professional Certified Arborist.