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Lawyer helpl Legal Beacon Assistance for contract/document 1.4

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Lawyer helpl = Legal Beacon Assistance for contract/document:

1.4 Principal Place of Business; Registered Office and Agent. The principal place of business of the Company shall be at [I'll insert our business address here - and then delete the following inserts]]]__________, __________, __________, __________ __________. All notices and correspondence to the Company shall be sent in care of a Class A Member at the Company’s principal place of business, with a copy to each Class A Member at its address as set forth in Exhibit A. The initial registered office of the Company required by the Act to be maintained in the State of __[[CALIFORNIA]]________ shall be the initial registered office name in the Certificate. The initial registered agent of the Company in the State of __[[CALIFORNIA]]]________ shall be the initial registered agent named in the Certificate. The Class A Members may change the registered office and the registered agent of the Company from time to time as permitted under the Act, provided that they have given the Members prior written notice of each such change.

Hi - can you double check the inserts that I wrote? If they are correct just let me know - if not could you suggest
Your inserts are correct.
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