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Lawyer help Contract details Qs for Mr. LEGAL BEACON

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Lawyer help = Contract details = Q's for Mr. LEGAL BEACON: Boy do I feel helpless! Thanks so much for helping me out with all of these little details. I need help with filling in the blanks with the following:

1.3 Purpose of Company.

(a) Purposes. The Company shall engage solely in the business of (i) _______________________________________ (the "__________"), (ii) constructing thereon a commercial retail shopping center (the "Improvements"); (iii) developing, owning, operating, leasing, managing, holding for investment, exchanging, selling and disposing of the __________ and the Improvements (collectively, the "Project" or the "Property"); (iv) such other purposes as may be

approved in writing by all of the Members; and (v) such other activities as are related to or incidental to the foregoing.

[also, feel free to open the questions, and reply - if you need a break or anything throughout, no problem]

Can you give me your website link again? I need to poach some language from there.


No worries...I'm here to help. :)

Customer: replied 5 years ago.
sure, its
(a) Purposes. The Company shall engage solely in the business of (i) drilling one or more oil and gas wells upon that certain site pursuant to that certain Oil and Gas Lease attached hereto as Exhibit "_", and (ii) such other activities as are related to or incidental to the foregoing.
Customer: replied 5 years ago.

should we put (i) drilling of two or more wells "?"


because by the time we do get the $2.5M we will have all the money set up for two wells. Thats the exact number that we are offering people in exchange for their 100K per share... so does that make sense? Or should we keep what you wrote above. Thanks.


[I have family in Amarillo - I went to visit them about 15 years ago, everyone was so incredibly nice from Texas....! I bought some cowboy boots and got to visit with some family out that way. Its famly from my moms side. They have a lot of land/oil wells, although its never trickled down my way! (lol) [Dont think it ever will either via the Texas route] Kiss

Yes...that would be great....actually if its two exactly...just put two wells and eliminate the "or more."


One never knows!!

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