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I operate an air ambulance company in Minnesota. For all flights

Customer Question

I operate an air ambulance company in Minnesota. For all flights in MN departing and arriving at Minnesota airports I pay the 2% MNCare tax. However, for flights departing and arriving from cities outside of Minnesota, I was told up front that I cannot charge MNCare taxes nor do I have to pay them on services performed totally outside of the state of MN. I am now being audited from State MN MinnesotaCare tax division. Have I been told this in error? I can find any support either way.
Submitted: 5 years ago.
Category: Tax
Expert:  Jax Tax replied 5 years ago.

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Do you know anything regarding services performed out of MN --Are they to be considered to be charged for MinnesotaCare Tax?

Jax Tax : Do you provide health care or are you a third party hired by the hospital for transport?
JACUSTOMER-6zbwsj52- :

I provide health care to patients being transported by air ambulance from say Omaha to Fargo. I own the medical air ambulance. I do not charge Minnesota Care tax because the patient was never in Minnesota. AM i WRONG?

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I know that patients from Iowa only pay Minnesota Care Tax if there services were provided in Minnesota.

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I can be ordered by hospitals, but mostly patients call me. So I guess I am a 3rd party.

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I put a hold on the Credit Card Account---I am not satisfied