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I began working in Iraq on 3/15/08, I will spend 16 days on

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I began working in Iraq on 3/15/08, I will spend 16 days on vacation in the USA between 3/15/09 and 3/15/10. I am employed by the state dept and have taxes taken out. Am I elegible for the out of country tax free benefit?

As long as you are out of the country for a total of 330 days in any 12 month consecutive period, then you qualify to claim the foreign earned income exclusion which is currently $91,400.

If you started working in Iraq on 3/15/08, then as of 2/15/09 you would have met that qualification if you did not come back to the US at any point during that time. If during the period 3/15/09 to 3/15/10 you plan to come back to the US for vacation or visits, as long as your time here does not exceed 35 days, then you will still continue to qualify for this exclusion.

As far as the Wash DC taxes, you will simply need to file a return with DC as a non resident and report zero taxable wages, show the tax that was withheld, and a refund will be issued to you.

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Thank you dnjmario.
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