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I asked before if the IRS can take my car if I owe them ...

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I asked before if the IRS can take my car if I owe them money and was told no, but I am concerned about some of what I have read. Most of the information that I am seeing is that they can take anything that they want to get their money. I own my car free and clear, so am worried that they will take it, if they do i have no way to get to work. Is there any way for me to find out if there is a lein on my car without calling them right now? I have been told by a cpa and lawyer to wait to talk with them until after we meet next week. They will be working on my past due returns starting next week I hope, though some of the info they need is being sent to me from the IRS and could take up to two weeks to get here. Sorry, I'm rambling. Anyway, I know that working out any solution/paymeny pl,an with the IRS has to wait until the returns are filed but it would help me to breathe a little easier if my car won't be disappearing. If they won't take it, can you please explain why.
Hello and thank you for using Just Answer. When the IRS filed a Federal Tax Lien against you all personal property you own is subject to the lien. The IRS will first go after cash you have in saving accounts. They have to call you bank every day to find out the balance you have in your account and if you have a balance they can levy the amount. Next the IRS will file a Notice of Levy on Wages with your employer. This is a continuing levy, attaching current and future wages and salary, or retirement benefits, until a levy release is issued. Only if the IRS filing a levy for bank accounts and wages do not receive payments for past due taxes will assets be levy. This is the last resort the IRS have and the least action they will take due to cost in trying to sale the assets. If your car fair market is worth $15,000 and they levy you car for back taxes the IRS must credit you account for $15,000. The IRS know they will not receive the fair market value for your car in a resale so a levy of your car is not likely unless all other options have been used. You should also get a copy of your tax account for the year you owe back taxes from the IRS. The record is call a Account Transcript. You can order the form from the IRS at .
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