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Jesse Handel
Jesse Handel, Tax Preparer
Category: Tax
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Experience:  10 years tax preparation. IRS Registered Tax Preparer.
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Lost h and r block emerald card.

Customer Question

I lost my Emerald Card and that is what I got to get my tax refund bank on. What will happen?

Submitted: 9 years ago.
Category: Tax
Expert:  Jesse Handel replied 9 years ago.

Thank you for coming to Just Answer and allowing us to help you with your question. About your Emerald Card, you need to call HR Block Bank at 1-***-***-**** and report the card as lost. The customer service people will help you get a replacement card and transfer the money from the old card account to your new card account. There may be a $10 fee for the new card, depending on the circumstances.

About the economic stimulus rebate, you should get a rebate if you made more than $3000, you didn't file as someone else's dependent, everyone listed on you return (you, your spouse, and dependents, if any) had a valid Social Security Number, and you don't owe any money to the government. If you paid your tax preparation fees in full at the time you had your return prepared, then the IRS will put your rebate on your old Emerald card and it will be transferred to your new card when you get the replacement card. If you had your tax preparation fees taken from your refund, then you will receive a paper check from the IRS mailed to the address on your tax return.

If you go to and click on the economic stimulus button near the top of the page, you will be able to find the schedule for direct deposits and paper checks and a calculator you can use to figure out how much money you will get, as well as answers to frequently asked questions. You will need your copy of the 2007 1040 form (whichever version you used: 1040EZ, 1040A, or 1040) to calculate the exact amount. Good luck. I hope this information answers all your questions. Let me know if you need more information.