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do felons pay taxes

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My inlaws claim that there youngest daughters ex fiance didn't have to pay taxes when they were living in florida since he is a convicted felon. So he wouldn't have to produce a w-2 form to prove he made any money for a custody battle of there daughter.

This is incorrect. Convicted felons still have to pay taxes. If what your ex-brother-in-law states were true, then we would have found the only "legal" a way of avoiding paying uncle sam. All we would have to do is commit the least form of a felony (write a bad check over a certain dollar amount would do this) just to get out of paying taxes.

Now if he was in prison during that time, then no he would not have filed or paid taxes.

It sounds like he is trying to pull a fast on and is trying to avoid paying child support. The courts and attorneys will know that what he states is false.

I hope this helps!
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