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2005 outback LL Bean. Air conditioning stopped working a

Customer Question

2005 outback LL Bean. Air conditioning stopped working a couple weeks ago and now the car has a loud rattle that's intermittent. Sometimes it gets worse if you step on the gas hard and sometimes it doesn't do it at all. It's progressively getting worse over the last few days. It always rattles when you first start it now. If I open the hood it sounds like it's coming from one of the pulleys. Can a A/C compressor make that noise or do you think the 2 items aren't related?
Submitted: 10 months ago.
Category: Subaru
Expert:  Dan replied 10 months ago.

Two separate issues. The rattle noise you hear are the heat shields. The rear cat shields are prone to cause this type of rattle. You will need to replace them to correct the problem.

The ac could have a leak causing the freon to go low, this will prevent the compressor from coming on causing the ac not to blow cold. You would need to evac and recharge the system and test to see if system holds a vacuum. They will the recharge and add dye, drive for awhile, then check for leaks with a UV light. Once the leak is located, you can then replace the part and recharge again.

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Customer: replied 10 months ago.
Rear cat shields is catalytic converter shield? Also I checked the pressure on the low side and it pegs the gage, so it won't take any freon. Is there something else I can check or do I have to take it to a shop? I'm a builder not mechanic, but I have always worked on my own cars.
Customer: replied 10 months ago.
Also if I let the pressure down on the low side, it just climbs right back up.
Expert:  Dan replied 10 months ago.

Is your compressor turning when the ac is on? I do not trust the gauges that are on the can. You really need a set of high and low side gauges to diagnose. Are the lines cold leading to the evaporator core?

Expert:  Dan replied 10 months ago.

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