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1997 imprezaoutbacksport: therearwindow defrosttimer..servicebulletin

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where can I find the rear window defrost timer on a 1997 impreza outback sport?

I have found that there was an NHTSA service bulletin about it: item # XXXXX , though I don't know what the bulletin means or says.

I just need to know where to locate it on my car.

There is no such component on your vehicle, and the recall does not apply to it, either.
Be careful of information you find laying around on the internet.. you don't always get the whole (or even the correct) story.
Hope it helps!
Customer: replied 7 years ago.
My rear window defrost all of a sudden quit working and and I have tried replacing the defrost switch to no awail. I have also checked that the wire teminal tabs are still connected to the window and have continuity between them. When I asked the guy at the subaru dealership parts department if there is a relay or something he told me that there is a timer on the car that should be in the vicinity of the passenger side dash area or maybe on the engine side of the firewall. Yet now you are telling me that there is no such part, I don't mind accepting your answer but I feel like I am getting conflicting information.
OK.. Here is the circuit of the defroster in your Subaru. There are relays, one of them may be what the technician is calling the timer.

I have searched and searched for a picture of their locations too.. but I simply can not find it.
ase_master327 and 3 other Subaru Specialists are ready to help you
Customer: replied 7 years ago.

Thank you very much for your help. I know that parts dept. guys are not technicians (though if they work at the dealership I would still think that they should know what they are talking about). At least now I know that there are relays, though I still don't know where to find them. You have at least answered my question on the timer and then some, so I will gladly accept your answer. Now I just need to track down these relays.


Thanks. I'm still looking in a few other sources for the locations and if I find them, I will post it here.