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walkereng, Consultant
Category: Structural Engineering
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Experience:  Over 30 years of Structural Engineering experience.
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Laminated beam size to span 24' & support 1/2' flooring?

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What size laminated beam do I need to span 24' and support 1/2' plywood flooring?

walkereng :

Is this for a loft in a barn?

What kind of loading will it see?

What is the overall dimension of the floor?

JACUSTOMER-ydtm6yf2- :

yes. but there won't be any hay stored in the loft. It is more for bunk beds, etc

the floor will be 14' X 24'

I was planing to use 2 X 10's for joists

sorry, joists 16" o/c

walkereng :

So this area will be supported by barn walls along both the 14' walls and one of the 24' walls and then you will need a beam on the remaining open 24' side? Is that correct?

JACUSTOMER-ydtm6yf2- :

you are right

the size of the building is 24 X 48

walkereng :

Let me run a few numbers. I will be using 40 psf for your live load since you said it will be used as more or less a living/sleeping area.

JACUSTOMER-ydtm6yf2- :

Ok, do you have other questions? I have an urgent meeting I have to attend and I am 2 mins. late now. Can you just leave me the answer?

walkereng :

Yes. You will need a laminated wood member, will that be OK

JACUSTOMER-ydtm6yf2- :


walkereng :

Ok, Check your e-mail when you get back and you will have the answer

JACUSTOMER-ydtm6yf2- :

thank you very much,

walkereng :

I can give you two wood options:

5-1/4” x 16” Versa-Lam 2.0 3100 DF

5-1/8” x 15” Boise Glulam 24F-V8/DF

These are Boise Cascade products and you can go to the following link to find distributors in your area.

Just a note, I would use 2"x12" Douglas Fir floor joists at 16" o.c. to span the 14'.

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