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Shaie Zindel
Shaie Zindel, Attorney
Category: South Africa Law
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What percentage of the total value of a property is calculated

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What percentage of the total value of a property is calculated for the garden?
My property including improvements is valued (municipal) at R1 000 000, I need to know what percentage of this value is calculated for the garden?
I am reliably advised by Valuer Dylan Haward that in the old days approximately 30% of the total value would be ascribed to the garden/unimproved land on a case by case basis. Apparently today it is less scientific and a notional value as the valuations departments of most local authorities don't really split up the valuations. At a thumb suck rule you could say your garden is therefore worth R300k and the rest of your improved property R700k. I hope this is what you are looking for. Please let me know if I can assist you further in the meantime and please remember to rate my service so far. Regards Shaie
Customer: replied 3 years ago.

Thank you Shaie

The reason i am asking this, is to calculate the amount i should be prepared to spend to redesign my garden

With my garden being valued at +- 30% of my property, i should then look at

allowing +- R 300 000 for costs to redesign?

would this sound correct?

Hang on a second - I'm not saying that at all!!! The question was quite vague in the sense that a valuation is very subjective and time and circumstances dependant - there is NO direct correlation between an ascribed value methodology and how much you should spend on a nice garden. Put another way - its up to you as to how much pleasure you derive from your garden. If it were up to me I would spend 30 cents on my garden and all the money on a kick-but TV/Home Theatre room - but that's just me - my wife could probably spend the whole million on outdoor living. Please don't get confused - spend as much as you need to, in order to derive the maximum pleasure from your garden and that it wont all be wasted if someone like me comes along and tells you that you wasted your money - are we on the same page??? In the meantime please remember to rate my service if you haven't already. Regards Shaie
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