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Multichoice has just notified me that I have not paid them

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Multichoice has just notified me that I have not paid them since February 2012 and that I owe them approx. R11 000. Firstly surely they should have contacted me as soon as payment was not received. My company was originally deducting off our salaries then we had to submit our account details in order for a debit order to be arranged directly with Multichoice. My company sent through all of my information to them in February 2012, however they clearly never followed the correct procedure.

They are now expecting me to pay said amount of over 9 months. Surely they should be held accountable for this mistake?
Hi There - forgive me for giving you an answer you aren't going to like! You have had the benefit of the service without paying for it for a year. You must have realised at some point that there was a billing error. As long as the debt is less than 3 years old you are liable for the service you have received. To be honest, you're lucky they're giving you 9 months to repay the money, they could have just disconnected you and issued summons for the full amount plus interest and costs. Again - I'm sorry - I know you were hoping for better news but I must tell you the real legal position so you can protect yourself. Please give me a rating on my service and not how much you like or dislike the answer. Regards
Customer: replied 3 years ago.

Oh my gosh - surely they should have switched off my TV as they do to everybody else? I cannot believe that they would let me use their facilities without paying?

Yes you're right - they should have taken steps to mitigate their loss but it doesn't absolve you from your obligation to pay for the service you were receiving. They will turn it around and ask you why you never contacted them to let them know you hadn't received an account or made payment yet your DSTV was still going strong - in law they call it snatching at a bargain - its like not getting an account for electricity for a year but your lights are working - you and I both know that eventually the municipality will catch on and correct the mistake and you will be paying them every penny you owe - same story here - sorry - I know its unfair but that's how it is. Please remember to rate my service.
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