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Newly Windows XP on spare partition (to replace a XP on the

Customer Question

Newly Windows XP on spare partition (to replace a blown XP on the other partition).
XP runs fine -- BUT display is only 4 bit (640x480 or 800x640--on same monitor that I used before), switching to a 26" Samsung TV/monitor shows exactly same thing - only bigger. So- the problem is in the computer's XP.
Any ideas?
Submitted: 8 months ago.
Category: Software
Expert:  Martin replied 8 months ago.

Hi Bill, sounds like you need to install the graphics drivers for it to work properly.

Have you got the Windows XP registry file that allows you to make updates?

Customer: replied 7 months ago.
I'm confused--::the Windows XP registry file that allows you to make updates;;??My last XP had no graphics driver. VGA was just default --none. at least, display settings doesn't show one.
Expert:  Martin replied 7 months ago.

That's probably why it's only displaying in those resolutions.

May I connect with you remotely so I can set your system up to work like any other version of Windows would?

I can enable Windows Update and get the graphics working properly for you.


Customer: replied 7 months ago.
No, Martin --- bad experience,, all around. I got nothing --- except that you all charged my credit card for $30-40 .What for?Plus, I wasted couple hours -- I tried justanswer, because I need answers --- What you all supplied was totally useless.I will be back -- to get a refund. As soon as I get over my computer mess. Thanks for nothing.Bill
Expert:  Martin replied 7 months ago.

I replied to you with the reason for the problem and offered to connect to you remotely so I can get it working properly - you need the correct drivers for the graphics card installed. As Windows XP is no longer supported by Microsoft you also need a registry fix to keep it updated.

You may request a refund any time within 30 days of asking your question, there's no problem.

Let me know if you'd like me to fix this for you or if you'd like a refund.


Customer: replied 7 months ago.
I just wrote a long explanation -- then, all of sudden it was - who's knows -- it revolved around knowing some my systems just use simple vgasafe 'driver' no attributes etc. Also, my XP systems don't let Microsoft to 'updates'--unless I understand why etc.The 'blown' XP partition worked just fine with these monitors.I was in the middle of writing more info for you, explaining why I don't doing email etc, when received a message that you all just charged my credit card!! Yes -- I certainly would like a refund. How ever you do that.Please let know.Bill
Expert:  Martin replied 7 months ago.

Hi Bill,

Sorry to hear the website was a little confusing to use - I could resolve the problem for you in about 15 minutes via a remote session if you change your mind.

You may request a refund by talking to billing here: 1(###) ###-####br />
Kind Regards,

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