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Why does software for binary options -EA,s or Robots, work

Customer Question

Why does software for binary options -EA,s or Robots, work for "some people?" What's going on that causes failure in some and success or profits in the same software programs for others? Given the same set up procedures like clearing cookies and cachet before install and setup out of two of my colleagues one has success and the other total failure which equals loss of money. I am really interested in trying one of these out but just can't seem to take the plunge because of the failure percentage. With software and programs or services being the same I have to conclude that it's human error or something I don't know about in software/computer world. How can I set up this type of program to assure success? I would love to have more help about this subject but couldn't find a category for financial trading. Hopefully there's a computer software person out there with some experience with these types of programs! Thank you in advance☺️
Submitted: 10 months ago.
Category: Software
Expert:  Kris Rodgers replied 10 months ago.


Can you explain what you are asking are you asking why clearing cache and things can assist you in installing games, like EA games etc?

Customer: replied 10 months ago.
Well, I'm not talking about games I'm talking about software financial traders use to set up forex currency pairs and commodities. I'll stick to non specific software and just focus on how to correctly set up for install. Actually, I better focus a bit about VPN or rather real time running type programs that need to run in the background. Also I'd like to throw in there programs that are run on browser for iPad and iPhone capabilities, are the steps the same to set up for both programs to perform properly? EA's are Expert Advisor programs that execute trades based on financial fluctuations in real time in accordance with a future expire time, it's critical to have perfect synchronization- what do I do to assure success for these types of software install? I appreciate you for your help!!
Expert:  Kris Rodgers replied 10 months ago.


All software on your end and on the end of the trading multi platform will have guards in place. If you are not in the system at the correct real-time speed they will not allow you to process real time translations.

Your PC block is also synchronized wit the universal time standard, to allow programs like this to define the item a translocation and system available has occur-ed.

Customer: replied 10 months ago.
Ok so what are the steps I need to set up, so I can be synchronized real time? I don't have a pc I'm using my iPad for now, if you could explain set ups for Mac and iPad that would be great! I am still confused why a program wouldn't work right because of cachet or cookies, if you could explain to me (like a 5 year old basically😉) why please?
Expert:  Kris Rodgers replied 10 months ago.

The application will do that for you - sometimes websites allow you to save settings on your device these are cache and cookies somtimes they get corrupt and need bearded.