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Trying to sign into Facebook, and I get an exfinity request

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Trying to sign into Facebook, and I get an exfinity request to have access to my info, which I do not want to do, but it locks me up I can't get past this, so I can't get to my account. What do I do.

robert :

there should be a button to deny it but how are you hooking into the internet ?

robert :

oh i see what it is. You are right its comcast. They are not going to let you get to facebook without letting facebook access them and since you are going through xfinity its just going to stop if you dont give it permission to go through

robert :

I sure understand your annoyance at it. I would be too. But at the end of the day they wont do much with it. At worst you may get a post in your name saying you like exfinity or you will be able to use the "where am i" button when you post and it will use xfinity to show where you might be.


There is a button to deny. But it does not go away , it goes into like a shadow, and I can't go any further, Iam so frustrated with Comcast, I could spit nails. I do not begrudge you your fee, but I do not think I should be paying for help when comcast put this on my computer and I do not wish to participate. Ok but how do I get rid of it so I can check my account.

robert :

if you just accept the agreement it should go right through to facebook and not bother you again


ok but how do I get rid of it

robert :

because when you deny it than it blocks all of exfinity and since thats the service that you are using to get to the internet and thus facebook facebook wont communicate with xfinity for you if you deny it and everything is going through xfinity so you get frozen


Thank you Robert, but if you hear a big crash you will know I have tossed the computer out the window.

robert :

ok and i am sorry about that but i dont work for xfinity or facebook

robert :

we are a third party website of experts that help for a small fee. so if that gets you through i would apprectiate a good rating


Lucky you. I hope you have a good day, I am not usually a nasy person, computers bring out the worst in me.

robert :

lol me too at times and i work with them for 30 years

robert :

but lately they have been taken over by huge companies. and they all seem to be squeezing the last dollar out of everybody.


I hope what you suggest works. bye.

robert :

thank you and i really would apprectiate if you gave me a good rating as that is what allows me to be paid and my work is rated on the site here


Will do

robert :

thank u

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Customer: replied 3 years ago.

Robert I did get passed but now it has come in in a different format, and my info is coming down the right side of the computer like an ad,

Customer: replied 3 years ago.

Robert that did get me back to facebook but now it is showing like an add down the side, not full page. and I can't change that, I don't think I can spend more time with this, Thank you for you help I did give you a good rating, I think I will find out How much time I have on my contract and get out.

is it the entire facebook page or just notices ? there is something called a tickler that facebook puts up sometimes that goes down the top right of the page showing what all of your friends are doing.

can you send me a screen shot of it please ?

Screen shot instructions

hold alt button down hit print screen button release buttons

click start menu / all programs / accesories / paint

click edit / paste

click file / save as

save as a jpg file in my pictures

on the top of this window click the insert button it should be a paper clip to right of the smiley face.

click browse.

click browse in the 2nd window that pops up

browse to the file you just saved in my pictures

click ok

click insert back in the first window

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