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LawTalk, Attorney
Category: Social Security
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Experience:  I have 30 years of legal and litigation experience, including representing clients before the U.S. Social Security Administration.
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I will be retiring next year -- I will be 73 yrs old and

Customer Question

I will be retiring next year -- I will be 73 yrs old and never claimed s.s--what should I do?
Submitted: 1 year ago.
Category: Social Security
Expert:  LawTalk replied 1 year ago.

Good afternoon Elaine,

I'm Doug, and I'm very sorry to hear of your situation. My goal is to provide you with excellent service today.

The first thing that you should do is IMMEDIATELY apply for your social security benefit. Your benefit reached its maximum value when you reached age 70 and has not increased in value since then. You have lost all the money that you could have collected since turning 70.

You are allowed to collect up to 6 months of retroactive benefits when you apply, but all the benefits before that going back to when you reached age 70 are now lost and cannot be recovered.

The fact that you are still working does not matter. Ever since age 66 you could have taken your social security benefit and earned as much as you wanted---because after 66 there is no income limitation imposed by social security.

You should apply for your full social security benefit today, and be sure to ask for your benefits to be granted retroactively back the 6 months you are allowed to ask for.

While you can apply online for your Social Security Retirement Benefit or a Spouse Benefit at this site: I would suggest that you go down to your local social security office and apply in person so absolutely no mistake is made and you don't lose any more money than you already have.

You may reply back to me using the Reply link and I will be happy to continue to assist you until I am able to address your concerns, to your satisfaction.

Please be so kind as to rate my service to you. That is the only way I am credited for assisting you.

I wish you and yours the best in 2016,


Expert:  LawTalk replied 1 year ago.

This seems like a very crucial matter for you, and your questions and issues suggest that an in-depth conversation might better suit your needs. If you are interested, for a nominal charge I can offer you a phone conference as opposed to continuing in this question and answer thread. Let me know if you don't want a call and I will be happy continue here with an answer for you.


Customer: replied 1 year ago.
I will go this week then I will be contacting yousia phone.
Thank you
Expert:  LawTalk replied 1 year ago.

That is great.

Would you please be so kind as to rate my service to you now? You can always accept the call offer later if you need to and I can also then call you.