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LawTalk, Attorney
Category: Social Security
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Experience:  I have 30 years of legal and litigation experience, including representing clients before the U.S. Social Security Administration.
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Why is my Social Security payment late every month? I had

Customer Question

Why is my Social Security payment late every month? I had been receiving them on the 10th of each month since I started Soc Sec, and if the 10th fell on a Saturday, I would get it on a Friday and if the 10th fell on a Sunday, I always received it on Monday. I need it on the 10th as my rent will have a $48 late fee if not paid on the 6th of the month and if it is paid after the the 10th of the month the late fee is $98. My husband worked 14 years of two 8 hour jobs (we have been raising 2 grandsons since 2003). In November of 2014 the company he worked for sold all 3 of the businesses and he was on unemployment for 6 months and thanks to our President, you can't get an extended unless you get employed by a "new" company". Unemployment said his balance of his "paid unemployment" was over $17,000 but he get's no extended unemployment unless he has worked for a different company and laid off.
My husband is 61 and I am 66. We have absolutely no savings, we had to cancel life insurance because we can't afford it any more, we have one truck for transportation and no means of moving to any new place. I have a blood disorder, a failing memory and a deep depressive problem and treatment from my teens. But I do not qualify for SSI. My husband has no more medical insurance and has not been to a doctor for years and we can't afford any at this time. He is 61 and over 300 pounds and nobody will hire him. I have had to skip my medications because we can't afford them sometimes.
Our oldest son was struck by a car on 12-14-2015. We had to borrow the money to get him cremated and and out of the coroners office. We never got him back until 12-29-15
because he had no life insurance and he worked odd jobs to help keep the utilities on. This has been horrible the past 2 years.
I would appreciate a response if you Soc Sec can help us get my money no later than the 10th of each month so we can only be charged the $48 late fee.
Cheryl E. Todd
Submitted: 1 year ago.
Category: Social Security
Expert:  LawTalk replied 1 year ago.

Good afternoon Cheryl,

I'm Doug, and I'm very sorry to hear of your situation. My goal is to provide you with excellent service today.

While I will not tell you that what you are telling me is not true---i terms of when you normally get your benefit payment, I'm not sure what to say, other than social security pays no one on the 10th of every month---regardless of what benefit they are receiving, and they never, ever have---at least in the 30 years I have been handling social security law.

If you have been receiving a retirement benefit from social security for less than 19 years, then your payment is deposited to your account based on the date of the month in which you were born.

What is the date of the month on which you were born?