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Category: Smartphones
Satisfied Customers: 35
Experience:  Systems Administrator at TXNJ Enterprises
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Oh, please help, am disabled and know my phone is being

Customer Question

Oh Thomas, please help, am disabled and know my phone is being bugged/cloned/hacked by a neighbor who has been harrassing me , harming my dog and has recently been using rat poison and i have to do something about it and need to know how to nail this guy and have their be a consequence for what hes been doing for a very long time. was just about to install my norton on the iphone but should i wait , would i still be about to catch him once its installed and what can i do about it now, i really need help, horrible things have been being done, phnones been hacked for a very long time, suspected for awhile but my father insisted iphones cant be hacked but its evident now and harrassment has escalated to filled apartment with rat poison and my dog is violently as we speak and later am going to have to contact poison control, theres been vandilism , theft, trying to get me evicted, list goes on and on, and my poor dog is like my child, living alone and disabled am an easy target. need hel
Submitted: 12 months ago.
Category: Smartphones
Expert:  John T. F. replied 12 months ago.


to confirm, is this an iPhone you are concerned about?



Expert:  BigDish101 replied 12 months ago.

The only way into an iPhone this way is if your home wifi network has been hacked (or is open with no password) and your iPhone is connected to it. The best way to keep a phone secure is to keep wifi and bluetooth turned off. If you must use wifi make sure the wifi network you are connected to is using WP2-AES mode security.

On a personal note, the best way to catch malicious neighbors is with cameras, cameras, and more cameras.