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William McCusker
William McCusker,
Category: Small Engine
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Experience:  Mechanic at Rhode Island Harvesting Co
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I have a model 2812523BVE, the mower started slipping in

Customer Question

I have a model(###) ###-####VE, the mower started slipping in gear and a I relaced the clutch/drive wheel assembly. The mower worked fine for a couple of weeks, but began to slip again. Some people sujest lowering the horizontal drive plate bolted on the main engine shaft. Is this the correct repair, if not what is the likely cause?Thanks,
Submitted: 13 days ago.
Category: Small Engine
Expert:  William McCusker replied 12 days ago.
Hello my name is***** will be helping you. So you replaced the rubber disk drive.. The horizontal plate is it super smooth?
Expert:  William McCusker replied 12 days ago.
If its dirty also it will cause it to slip.. So if it was in my shop and the customer reaplaced the rubber disk and its still slipping.. I would take carb cleaner spray the round plate the disk rubs on, clean it, then take sand paper rough the plate to make traction.. And try that see if slips after that.
Customer: replied 12 days ago.
It is a little shiny, is this a indication of dirty
Expert:  William McCusker replied 12 days ago.
No you will see like black bands from the rubber disk it still won't hurt to put some cleaner on it.. Then take a sandpaper to it.. Don't go crazy with the sandpaper just give it some traction..
Customer: replied 12 days ago.
I notice when I shift the gears, the disk is not touching the plate. Is there an adjustment for this?
Expert:  William McCusker replied 12 days ago.
I will copy the page from the service manual tomorrow for you
Expert:  William McCusker replied 12 days ago.

Sorry my copier isnt working go figure. lol

The drive disk on a snapper has two set screws loosen set screws set shift in roll position move disk up or down on the shaft where it just clears the drive wheel and drive wheel will turn freely. Tighten set screws Move shifter to position 1 drive wheel should make contact with the disk and should in all positions except neutral or roll position. I hope this has helped you.

Customer: replied 12 days ago.
It turns out the disk drive is threaded on and I can't get the shaft key way out to try to adjust closer to the vertical drive wheel. I noticed with the mower not running, I can not push it while it is in gear.To me this indicates the adjustment is correct. While running I can get the mower to move by holding shift lever out and near the first position but with no substantial power to climb low grade hill. Do you have any other suggestions. I also cleaned the disk drive as recommended.
Expert:  William McCusker replied 11 days ago.

if the disk is new and touching the plate.. then the next thought i would have would be in the gears inside the gear box..

Customer: replied 10 days ago.
Could you be more specific on "gear Box"? Do you have any part #'s, Snapper does not refer to a gear box in their parts list.
Expert:  William McCusker replied 10 days ago.

according to the parts list i am talking about the PRIMARY CHAIN CASE & SMOOTH CLUTCH

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