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I have an Onan 4000, wire diagram 611-1267 mod#4kyfa26100k.

Customer Question

I have an Onan 4000, wire diagram(###) ###-#### *****#4kyfa26100k. RV was out at lake [SOUTH Louisiana] salt water cane up and got the bottom of the generator under water, water line just under carb solenoid. I replaced correct PC board [300-5046], starter switch, 30 amp braker, the fule pump & filter, as well as the starter solenoid over the pc board. I now can crank the motor over as it does want to run [for about 20 seconds only] and does as long as I hold my finger on the start button [the light never stays lit up but blinks] when I let go it kills. I'm getting a code 44 off the switch, where do I go from here
Submitted: 1 year ago.
Category: Small Engine
Expert:  msbabyd replied 1 year ago.

The Start / Stop / Prime Button will Blink out a Fault Code if the Generator quits running or won't start for whatever reason. The Fault Codes and what they mean are Listed in the Owners Manual.

This is how you read a Fault Code.

1. If you'll look at the Start/Stop Button when the Generator stops running, it will be blinking, there will be a pause and then it will blink the same number of blinks again. Count the Blinks. 3 Blinks indicates a Service Fault. Press Stop and it will start blinking again. What you're looking for is a two digit code. 3 Blinks was the 1st Level of the code, pressing Stop will give you the full code. Example, when you press stop, you'll see, blink, blink, blink - pause - blink, blink, blink, blink, blink, blink - pause, and the blinking repeats it's self. So what code did it blink out? Right 36.

The first set of Blinks that you see when the Generator stops "is" the first Level of the Code, or in the upper example 3. Don't misread the first level blinking as being a 33 or 44. For this reason there is not a Fault Code 33 or 44.

First Level Fault Codes are 3 and 4.
Fault Code 3 is a Service fault. From here you'll look for the second digit code.
Fault Code 4, is caused by Over-cranking.

Now, if you've been gone and when you get back and the generator has stopped running, the Start/Stop Button will not be blinking. It quits blinking after 5 min. To get the Fault Code, Press Stop 3 times within 5 seconds and the blinking will start. You just need to count the First and Second Level Blinks. Example, blink, blink, blink - pause - blink, blink, blink, blink, blink, blink - pause - and it repeats. If you hit stop again, the blinking will Stop.

Expert:  msbabyd replied 1 year ago.

Hope that helped :o) if not let me know