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Category: Small Engine
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Our Troy Built TB 30R cut off while my wife was mowing grass

Customer Question

our Troy Built TB 30R cut off while my wife was mowing grass and then the motor will not turn over like one of the safety features is lock on
Submitted: 1 year ago.
Category: Small Engine
Expert:  Frank replied 1 year ago.
So describe to me what happens when you go to start it. Does the engine rotate? If not, is there oil in the unit or has the engine seized?
If it does rotate, do you hear any abnormal sounds like hissing, wheezing, clicking, clunking, anything?
Any more info you can provide about what happened moments before the unit shut off could help.
You can try bypassing the equipped safety switches to see if you can at least get the engine to start up, then work backwards to figure out which sensor needs replacing.
Or possible a wire connection has broken off.
I need more information though so I can more understand what's going on.
I need to know If there's spark, good fuel, if the engine is cranking just not kicking over, etc etc.
Please provide as much as you can.