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Generac NP-66G propane RV Generator. The generator had a

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Generac NP-66G propane RV Generator.

The generator had a 'drag' while starting the last few times I used it.It would get to a certain point and it sounded like it was rubbing when the starter was engaged. It would eventually start. Started it again and there was a definite grinding noise. Now starter spends freely and will not engage flywheel. Do I have a bad flywheel or a bad starter?

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It most likely will not be a bad flywheel.

A bad starter is a definite possibility.

But from what you have described, I would also have to wonder if you have internal engine damage - bad bearings.


You need to pull the set out of the coach and get the starter off.

Inspect and test the starter.


Customer: replied 5 years ago.
The flywheel drags at the same spot on every hand revolution.

Could the 'bad bearings' have happened in the space of the last 2 hours runtime? The generator has performed flawlessly up to this point with routine maintenance and inpsection. I operate heavy equipment and would definitley have noticed the drag if it had been coming on for some time.

Yes, it very well could have.


If you are noticing a drag when manually turning the engine, it is either going to be an internal engine issue, or something hung in the drive system.

This is a belt driven set, and it is possible that something has become loose underneath.


Unfortunately, the only way to know for sure is to tear it down.


On the drag, though, are you sure it is actually a drag, and not just hitting the compression stroke?


Customer: replied 5 years ago.
Could be compression but I also noticed a ticking sound the last time it ran that was not evident previously. The ticking sounded like it was in flywheel area

Is it economically feasible to invest time and labor in a generator this old? What about parts availability?

Both of those are very 'iffy' questions.


Honestly, if it were my set, I would tear it down and see how bad it is - then make that determination.


As far as parts availability, I have no idea.

I would need to know what specific parts it would need.


But as you noted, this set is bordering on old age.

RV sets are by no means inexpensive, but you have to weigh the possibility in that if you repair that problem now, something else may happen in a few months....


Customer: replied 5 years ago.

By bearings, I assume you mean the bearings in the stator or rotor and not the engine itself?

Any idea what it weighs?

For the bearings, it could be either.


An NP66LP weighs about 215 pounds.


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