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Trying to replace shift cable on Yard Bug ModelNNN-NN-NNNN

Customer Question

Trying to replace shift cable on Yard Bug ModelNNN-NN-NNNN How do I remove the rear wheel so I can get to the end of the cable where it connects with the transmission shifter?
Submitted: 5 years ago.
Category: Small Engine
Expert:  Rick replied 5 years ago.

Hello, and thank you for choosing JustAnswer. I'll be helping you today and am committed to providing clear and concise answers to your question.


The hex screw and washer are the only thing holding the wheel in place. So in your circumstance, the wheel is rusted to the axle.


These can be a real bear, but the best initial method is penetrating oil and patience - lots of both. And all penetrating oil is not the same. WD-40, for example is good for a lot of jobs, but this isn't one of them. Use PBlaster, Liquid Wrench (or Kroil if you can get it, it's the best but harder to find). Use a lot, use even more, and let it soak overnight.


If that doesn't work, then another option is to use an air hammer against the bolt to knock some of the rust loose. I've seen good results with that method.


You can also use heat, but use it carefully. Make sure all the air is out of the tires and torch the inner rim where it goes around the shaft while trying to keep the shaft as cool as possible. The heat will expand it enough to clear the shaft if you do it right and luck is on your side.


Best of success. It's not an easy job. When you put them back I'd sure recommend a coating of Neverseez so you don't have such a fight next time.


Let me know...



Customer: replied 5 years ago.
I haver PBlaster and will try that. May I assume that I can have time to try your advice before accepting your answer? Thanks, Dave Nelson
Expert:  Rick replied 5 years ago.
You certainly do. In fact I prefer that we prove my advice works before a customer ever accepts. I have a reputation to protect.

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Customer: replied 5 years ago.
Expert:  Rick replied 5 years ago.
You are so very welcome. Best of success! Talk to you soon…
Customer: replied 5 years ago.

Rick –

I have had no success in my efforts to remove the wheel. I saturated the joint with PB Blaster for a week, but the wheel never budged. I turned it over to a mechanic who installed the cable without removing the wheel. He said removing the wheel would not have improved access to the point where the cable was installed.

The premise of my question was that removing the wheel would help in replacing the cable. Your advice on removing the wheel may be fine, but it did not work for me, and the mechanic who finally did the work for me pointed out that your answer was not relevant to the basic objective of installing the new cable.

Thanks for your efforts, but I must say they were neither relevant nor helpful, regardless of how accurate they may be for someone who needs to remove the wheel.

Best regards, Dave