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My Ariens 1130DLE snow blower auger is not turning. While using

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My Ariens 1130DLE snow blower auger is not turning. While using it this morning,the snow blower ran over my newspaper and the newspaper got stuck in the blower. The engine starts but now I can't blow snow off my drive way. What can I do to resume blowing snow?

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The first thing you need to do is remove the newspaper if you have not done this already. Newspaper is one of the easier things to remove, use a razor knife and cut it out a little at a time. Having it in a warm area will help.

The next thing you will want to check is the shear pins. They should be located about halfway between t he auger housing and the gear box. Both need to be intact so that you can not grab a hold of the augers and spin then freely. Once the shear pins are known to be good go ahead and grab the auger and see if you can spin it. If the auger spins and the impeller does not then you may have problems in the gear box. If the augers are tight the next thing to check is the auger belt. Here are some p rewritten instructions on tightening the auger belt and also on replacing it;


Adjusting the auger belt tension is very easy. Remove the belt cover so that you can watch the belts. We are interested in the one furthest from the engine, closest to the augers. Depress the control handle and watch what happens. You should see an idler pulley move towards the belt. In the middle of that pulley is a bolt that goes through an oblong hole on the arm it is attached to. Loosen that bolt and slide the pulley towards the belt, then tighten it up. Thats all there is too it, just replace the belt cover and have at it.

If you would like to check the tension of your belt just depress the control lever and see how tight the belt is. There should be no play in it.


Here is the procedure that I use to replace these belts. First remove the belt cover, then turn the machine so that it is standing up on it's snout (handles facing straight up) Next remove the belly pan from the bottom of the machine. You should now be able to see straight through the machine. I always start at the bottom and fish the new belt through making sure to get it on the larger auger pulley first. Once the bottom end is taken care of you can set the machine back down on it's wheels to make it easier to work on the top end, When bringing the belt around the top pulley, your idler pulley may case you some issues, if it does then you can just remove the center bolt and take the pulley completely off for the time being. Once your belt is on the top pulley all thats left is to replace the guard and belly pan and you will be up and running again.


If you have any questions please free to respond

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