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Experience:  Gold certified Stihl tech, Service Manager for a rental/repair shop.Certified in most small engines
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I cannot start my Stihl ms260 chainsaw. It started just fine

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I cannot start my Stihl ms260 chainsaw. It started just fine this morning and I cut some stumps. Then, when I went to restart, it would not turn over. I tried changing spark plugs and letting it dry out. What should I do? I drove a long way to help a friend with his chores and am chainsawless. Thanks, Michael

The easiest way to unflood a stihl saw is to remove the spark plug and using compressed air, blow out the combustion chamber. When you reinstall the plug do not use the choke, rather hold the throttle wide open. 99% of the time this will get you up and running again. It will smoke for 20 seconds or so and then clear up.

If this does not get you running then you need to remove the muffler and spark plug. Bow out the combustion chamber again, reinstall the spark plug and start the same way. No choke, full throttle. If this still doesn't get you started then you may have bigger problems. All these steps are assuming that the saw is flooded in the first place.

Customer: replied 6 years ago.
Two further questions: (i) I dont have compressed air handy, can I use something like a hairdryer instead; and (ii) am I using the correct starting sequence: (a) press the compression valve, (b) push safety bar forward, (c) squeeze top and bottom of triggers, and (d) pull on starting rope?

I would not use a hairdryer. There are seals that you do not want to melt, and you are working with fuel.

The correct sequence for starting when COLD is;

1. push decrompression valve in

2. apply brake handle (forward)

3. squeeze throttle and push the on/off/choke lever all the way down.

4 pull starter rope approx 3 times until you hear a false start (engine fart)

5 move on off choke switch up one position to half choke

6 pull starter rope, engine will start, squeeze throttle to release throttle lock and return saw to idle.

7 pull brake handle towards you. you are now ready to cut.



When warm you can skip 3,4,and 5


When flooded use the decompression button, brake on, On/off/choke in the on position (one down) hold throttle full speed and pull starter rope

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