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Experience:  15 yrs experience John Deere C&CE technician. Briggs & Stratton MST, Instructor
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I have a 20 HP Briggs-Stratton Intek on a Scotts Lawn Tractor

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I have a 20 HP Briggs-Stratton Intek on a Scotts Lawn Tractor model 2046. While mowing today the engine ran wide open all of a sudden even when throttle is pulled down to idle position. I shut it off and restarted, starts up in the same wide open manner? I checked the throttle cables and they seem fine, I can get it to slow down by pulling the choke.
If the throttle linkage is not bound up in any way and the governor spring is connected from the governor arm to the throttle control linkage then there are three things that will cause this. The first is the governor arm has loosened on the covernor shaft allowing the shaft to spin free in the arm Check to bake sure the arm is tight on the shaft that comes from the engine block. The second possible cause is the throttle plate "butterfly" valve may be damaged and holding the throttle open. The third cause is if you were running fine and then the rpm's went wide open then the internal flyweights that are connected to the governor gear or the governor gear itself has failed. The engine will have to be removed and dissassembled to repair anything on the governor gear. Check these few things and you should find your problem.
Customer: replied 6 years ago.
I've checked everything like you said and have come to the conclusion it is the weights internally. Any idea of cost to repair something like this at a local mower shop?
The repair should take between two to three hours on average. The gear, sump gasket, pto seal, oil and filter will run you $50 or less. you will have to add the shop labor rate. If there are no suprises it should be about a two hour job. Good luck, Jason
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