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Curtis B.
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I have a John Deere GT275 lawn tractor with a 17 HP Kawasaki

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I have a John Deere GT275 lawn tractor with a 17 HP Kawasaki engine. The bolt broke that retains the the drive belt clutch PTO assembly. The hole PTO assembly fell off disconnecting the wiring plug-in in the process. I put in a new bolt and crankshaft timing key and installed new drive belts and cleaned the wiring plug-in with electrical contact cleaner. It started and ran fine for 15 minutes then died. It now has no spark at the plug with new or old spark plug. I bypassed the seat safety switch and made sure the PTO button is pushed in the off position - still no spark. Is there a way to bypass all safety switches to attain spark? This unit has a neutral start switch and an oil pressure switch and the ignitor is intigrated with the coil. What's next - Is the coil the likely problem?
Go back to the seat switch and remove your bypass, this switch is normally closed and opens when you sit on it. to bypass you would just disconnect. Then run through the switches again. There is no good way to bypass all the safeties and with all the litigation that goes on, I wouldn't do it. Really all the switches deal with the starting circuit and not the kill circuit. You are able to crank on the engine , you just don't have spark. Double check all the connections coming off the engine harness . The unit shows to have lights for the temperature and oil pressure, do these lights work and did you see if they came on? I would eliminate everything else before I sprung for the igniter.
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Customer: replied 7 years ago.
I removed the bypass wire from the seat switch - still no spark. There is a battery discharge light and an engine oil pressure light on the dash and they both work and both light up during cranking. When the engine was starting okay they both went off a few seconds after start-up.
Try removing the white wire from the m terminal on the key switch. it should be the engine kill wire that has to be grounded to kill the engine. That should eliminate all the other pieces.
Customer: replied 7 years ago.
0    I removed the white wire from the switch  - still no spark
Everything points to the coil. Before you change it you might want to see if it could have moved away from the flywheel. Clearance should be only .010 to .012 in. Sorry.
Customer: replied 7 years ago.
The coil was the fix.
Good job!!