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I have an MTD snow blower model 311-500a that just quit having

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I have an MTD snow blower model 311-500a that just quit having its "drive" working., I have had the chain come off often in the past due to wear on the nylon bushings that hold the axle rods. But that is still attached, the v-belt seems ok, but I found a couple smaller extension springs on the bottom of the frame cover. One is flattened badly the other simply has the hooks on the ends broken off. Are these springs part of the drive mechanism? my owners manual that I got with the snow blower when it was only a couple years old back in the late 1980's is for a model 319-600a. but most times it has been very helpful with past breakdowns.
Other than having to make my own chains for the wheels, and the nylon bushings needing replaced, this is the first problem that seems to baffle me.

It is most likelyu that these springs are what is causing your issues. If you can get the EXACT model and serial numbers, you can look up the parts list at


They can also sell you the parts tyou need.


In addition, you may be able to contact Oscar Wilson (The MTD factory distributor) and they may be able to give you some more information or even a repair manual for this unit.


Their website is: You probably will have to contact them at the phone number listed on the site. It may take a little time to navigate thier phone system, but be patient and you will get the helpt you need.


If you need more information or want to discuss this situation further, you may contact me here at this question anytime...even after you click the "ACCEPT" button.


Customer: replied 7 years ago.
I have gon online with the mtd website but cannot come up with the same model. close but no cigar neither the model 311-500a nor the 319-600a come up. I cna't be comfortable with the information given so far, because it isn't definite enough. could the spring mentioned be from the idler pully. Do I need to take the blower apart more or is that visible from inside the bottom plate I've already rmoved?

This is why I mentioned to you that you MUST contact Oscar Wilson by phone.


The website usually does not help very much.



See above answer.


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