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Read The Farm Bank case study at the end of chapter seven.

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Read The Farm Bank case study at the end of chapter seven. What advice would you give Valerie Wyatt? What O.D. intervention strategy or strategies would you advise her to use and why?
Thanks for requesting me. I would be happy to help!
When is this question due?
Customer: replied 3 years ago.
I need to have it turned in by midnight tonight.

Pete, I went to begin your assignment, but it looks like the link brings me to an incomplete article, which must be purchased to view in its entirety. Please post a copy of the complete article so that I may help you properly :)

Customer: replied 3 years ago.
Okay! Sorry for the delay, I just want to do the best job possible for you! You'll have your answer before midnight eastern time :)
Customer: replied 3 years ago.

sounds great! Thank you very much for your help!

No problem.

There are several key pieces of advice that I would share with Valerie Wyatt. The first may come of as a surprise, but it is to make sure that she stays respectful and poised in her opinions. Secondly and accordingly, she should be persistent in trying to improve her organization and meet the needs of her fellow workers. I think Valerie has truly already started her intervention strategy by collecting the opinions, wants, and needs of employees and brining it to the chief officer’s attention. Although she was brushed off, she should remain positive and employ another intervention strategies that will slowly move in the direction she and her employees are hoping for via an interim measurements of control. Most likely Valerie’s bosses were more fearful of rapid change than change itself. By using employee participation, the employees could decide on one aspect of the system they want to redefine/recreate, and then in a stepwise fashion achieve one small change/goal at a time until the system has evolved and the chief officers see the benefits of this evolution. For instance they may work on reformatting the reports such that they are easier to read. Small steps can lead to positive and long term large changes!

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