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Randall C
Randall C, ASE Master Tech
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Saturn VUE: 2004 AWD Saturn Vue. If the gasoline unleaded

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2004 AWD Saturn Vue. If the gasoline unleaded pump says "may contain 10% ethanol" is it safe to put in my Vue? If not, what will my options be if ALL gas goes to a certain percentage of ethanol?

Hello, I am Randall.
The good news. most all gasolines these days contains 10% Ethanol or less. This is kind of the norm and yes,, vehicles are programmed and setup to run just fine on 10% or less Ethanol
This is called E10 fuel
the big difference? E85 fuel. that is much more Ethanol and requires certain vehicles to even run on it
To answer your question, you are just fine in this vehicle to run on E10
Studies have shown it does not burn quite as efficient as non E10 and can reduce gas mileage but it will be a slight decline IF any
In summary. if you add it or have, you are just fine, no engine damage etc as the computer can and will make adjustments, IF? you can locate NON E10? then from description, obviously better but here on east coast,. you can not find it in my area so we use E10.
Your ok, will not hurt engine or void any warranties etc
It's basically the "norm" with fuels these days just do NOT add E85 to your vehicle, that is reallly different fule and yours may not run on it etc

Unsure of your area but looking close at most gas pumps, you will se a lable stating E10 or 10% Ethanol as a maxium

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