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Jared D
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I have a 2008 Saab 93 2.0 T and the drivers side windshield

Customer Question

I have a 2008 Saab 93 2.0 T and the drivers side windshield squirter works but the other two don't. Its leaking the windshield washer fluid onto the driveway when I try and wash the windows. How to I replace what appears to be a broken hose to the second and third squirters on the hood. I know its not the squirter valves themselves as they were working fine a week or so ago. I had the car in for an oil change and then they didn't work, possibly the mechanic knocked something loose during this visit?
Submitted: 1 year ago.
Category: Saab
Expert:  Jared D replied 1 year ago.

It sounds like the sprayers came unplugged or the line cracked. You'll have to pull the fuzzy black insulator under the hood. There are black push-in clips that hold it on there. They pull straight out and can be reused if they don't break on you. Sometimes they crack and disintegrate and you have to replace them. They are cheap at napa and autozone.

Once you get the panel off you should be able to see where the line disconnected. If it's not obvious you could have someone turn on the sprayers and see where it comes out.

I attached the best picture I could find and i circled a few of those clips in blue. I also highlighted the washer fluid supply line where it goes into the hood in yellow.

ALSO- The hood insulator is made of a fiberglass-type material. It's not a bad idea to handle it with gloves to avoid itchy fingers.

Customer: replied 1 year ago.
Ok great! will take a look at this tonight - thank you
Expert:  Jared D replied 1 year ago.

Great! Let me know if you need any additional help.

Expert:  Jared D replied 1 year ago.

I hope I have been of some assistance and would really appreciate a positive rating. Please let me know if there is anything I can do to help in the future.