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We had our 1994 Beaver Contessa in the shop getting worked

Customer Question

We had our 1994 Beaver Contessa in the shop getting worked on and it blew the hydraulic line going to the fan.. They replaced the hose and topped off the fluid. Unfortunately for me, 5 miles down the road, I lost my power steering and it got HOT, the fan never came on. Getting it towed back to them now and I'm saying that they had to do something wrong, it wasn't acting up b4 we in.. . Any suggestions or advice I may pass on to them? These are the same guys that didn't know why my front air bags weren't working so I asked you guys and you nailed it. Passed the info on to them for a quick fix.. I still feel it is something that they did or didn't do that caused it. Could air get in the system while they were working on it. Thnx again for the help
Submitted: 7 months ago.
Category: RV
Expert:  Robert replied 7 months ago.

Hi again...

I am the one that helped you with the air bag issue and sent you a message on that.

Normally the hydraulic fan will use a wax type valve that heats up and allows the fluid to flow through it at a certain rate and will allow the fan to spin, the other way is with a fan controller . IF you have the fan controller it would be mounted near the radiator shroud and have a plug going to it, many times if you pull the plug to it the fan will default to high speed, so that would be something to try if it is not spinning and you have that, I am unsure because this is an older unit. IF they replaced the hose and the wax valve was full of air I suppose it would be possible for it to stop working, could also be a bad fan, putting the wrong fluid in etc.... I have to run out on a call and will respond when I get back if needed.... Please keep in mind that we only get credit when you select a rating, I saw on the air bag question you never did and my answer seemed to help... Robert

Expert:  Robert replied 7 months ago.

Was just checking in to see if my answer was helpful ???