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I'm stumped badly. I OWN A 2004 FLEETWOOD EXPEDITION 39R.

Customer Question

I'm stumped badly. I OWN A 2004 FLEETWOOD EXPEDITION 39R. CUMMINS 300HP. HAVE 2 12 VOLT IN SERIES TO START VEHICLE. THEN MY PROBLEM STARTS. MY OWN STUPIDITY CAUSED THIS. I JUST REPLACE THE 4....6 VOLT AUXILIARY Batteries. They run the house lights frig AC's...I believe. And I believe they are wired for higher voltage and amps. I know I don't have them right. The last 6 volt has the cables on it that go up into the chassis. One goes through a ceramic fuse block. And I remember it was on the positive post. On the 4th battery there's only 1 cable on the negative. And it comes from the positive of #3 battery. Can you get me the correct diagram for me to put the cables where they belong. Also the #4 battery negative is getting very very hot. And 1 MORE THING. I'M AT A PARK HAVE A 50AMP PLUG GOING TO THE PARKS BOX WE CHECKED BOX BUT ONLY WAY IT WILL PRO VIDEO ME WITH POWER IS IF I TURN ON THE SIX AUXILIARY BATTERIES WITH THE INVERTER ON. BUT # ***** BATTERY THEN GETS HOT ON NEGATIVE POST......PLEASE HELP
RALPH BEST (###) ###-####
Submitted: 11 months ago.
Category: RV
Expert:  Robert replied 11 months ago.

Hi my name is Robert....

The 12 volt batteries should not be wired in series they should be parallel, meaning positive to positive and negative to negative, the 6 volt batteries would be wired in series. IT sounds like you really need to verify the battery wiring pretty sure this is a Freightliner chassis if so click HERE and have a look, that print should help you sort things out. IF that print does not look like your arrangement I would call Fleetwood with your FIN and they should be able to send you one, if you need the tech support number please let me know.... Robert

Expert:  Robert replied 11 months ago.

HI... I see you have not selected a rating, if you still need more help on this please let me know...