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We have a 2001 Fleetwood Bounder, diesel pusher, model 39Z.

Customer Question

We have a 2001 Fleetwood Bounder, diesel pusher, model 39Z. 5 days ago, after spending the night in a campground following a 400 mile day of driving, it wouldn't start. Seemed like no battery. Roadside assistance came out and couldn't jump it but was able to "hot wire" start the engine but then the transmission wouldn't work and the jacks weren't working.
We were towed to a diesel mechanic shop where we are still sitting. The mechanic here has been testing for electrical issues but after many hours still has not located the problem ( or the solution ).
Any advice?
Submitted: 12 months ago.
Category: RV
Expert:  Robert replied 12 months ago.
Hi my name is***** you have an Allison transmission? IF so is the control pad not showing the gear it is in when you turn the ignition ON? Robert
Customer: replied 12 months ago.
Yes we have an Allison transmission. The control pad does not light up at all.
Expert:  Robert replied 12 months ago.
OK I am not sure what the tech has checked but if the the engine does not see neutral the engine will not crank over at all.The Allison transmission will have a control box, inside the control box are two mini fuses, that would be one place to see if there is voltage, sometimes the fuse can blow or come loose in the holder and cut power to the transmission. IF there is NO power getting to the transmission control box then I would go to the chassis fuse box turn the ignition ON and probe each fuse and breaker that can be found with a 12 volt test light, turn the ignition ON when testing. Also go to the chassis battery and look for an-inline fuse or breaker, sometimes the transmission circuit can be wired direct to the battery. That Allison control box can be in several areas, outside in a compartment, or under the shift pad inside. Need to see if power is getting to that box. Hope this helps some, IF you have more questions or concerns please feel free to contact me... RobertAlso check all the main battery cables, to the fuse box, make sure all the ground wires are also clean and tight.
Customer: replied 12 months ago.
Thanks. The tech has gone home for the day. (We are in Kanab, Utah.) My husband thinks all the things you've recommended have been done already but we will have him read your response tomorrow.
Expert:  Robert replied 12 months ago.
Let me know if you need more help I am around daily and respond when I can, IF I think of anything else I will send you a message.... Robert