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Hi. We just purchased a 1998 Fleetwood Terry Travel Trailer

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Hi. We just purchased a 1998 Fleetwood Terry Travel Trailer with a master chef stove/oven. Today we turned on the propane and the stove would not light. We held a lighter up to it for about 15 seconds. Any suggestions - we are new to this RV thing.
Hi: Thanks for coming to Just Answer with your question. My name is Randall and perhaps I can assist you with this. If you just purchased this you should have the LP pressure adjusted at the regulator. This needs to be done at least once each year to keep the operating pressure where it needs to be. Some regulators aren't adjustable and have to be replaced. You can take the regulator off and into an RV shop to be tested. I would get the new style safety hoses if you don't have them. These automatically shut off the LP in the event of a major leak. Once you have the pressure correct you should be able to turn the oven to pilot and push the knob in and light it with a fire stick or match. Before you do that it is always a good idea to equalize the pressure in the system by turning the gas on the stove top and lighting the burners and letting them come up to full flame and then turning them off. When the coach has been sitting for any length of time this takes some time. Also when you take the regulator off to test it drain the hose of any "honey" in it........the low spot collects an oil like material that is a combination of ethyl mercaptan and the rubber from the hose. This makes pilot lights hard to light. The LP must force its way through this to get to the burner and surges.
If you get me the model number off your stove I will try to come up with a manual for you. While you are at it, take the inspection cover off the fridge so you can access the burner area and be sure that is clean and no cobwebs or debris from the flue. That should be cleaned once a year also. Get back to me when you have this done and we can go from there if this doesn't resolve this for you. R.J.
Customer: replied 6 years ago.

Hi Randall,


Thanks for all of this information......especially the note on the safety hoses! Any round about idea how much these cost? We are in Canada.


Is there some way we can tell if our regulator is adjustable?


If it needs to be "adjusted" is there any way we can do this ourselves since it will need to be done at least once a year?


You also said "turn the oven to pilot and push the knob in and light it" we have to be pushing the knob in and lighting the pilot at the same time - or do you mean push the knob when turning the knob to 'pilot' and then light it?


You also said " When the coach has been sitting for any length of time this takes some time" you mean it could take some time to light the burner itself or it will take some time for the burners to come to full flame?


How long should we hold a flame to the burner before giving up...I don't want to blow the trailer up!


One more question I forgot to ask. The trailer has air conditioning controlled by a wall mounted thermostat - do we need to have the pilot light for the furnace on to work the AC? It has it's own breaker switch.


If you could locate an 'Owners Information package' for a 1998 Fleetwood Terry 29S that would be super!







The regulator is about $45 US and the hoses about $12 US each. If it is adjustable there will be a cap that unscrews in the middle of it to access the adjustment screw. No, this has to be done with a manometer.........unless you want to invest in one. You have to push the knob in slightly to get it to turn. It takes some time for the LP to equalize in the lines and for the burners to come up to full flame. It is a very small orifice and it can take a few minutes. The pilot is underneath the burner. You don't actually hold the flame to the burner. That may be part of the problem. I take it the person you bought this from didn't show you much? The furnace in that year trailer should be electronic ignition. If you get me the make and model I can get you a manual for it. The model number of the stove is under the cook top when you raise it up. The A/C works on 120 VAC and likewise if I have a make and model I can usually come up with a manual. The chance of finding an owner's manual is very slim. Go HERE for the best shot at that. Get back to me with these things and I can get some more information. R.J.
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