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Zach Smith
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hello, i own 1998 pace arrow vision. have problem with

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i own 1998 pace arrow vision. have problem with parking brake not working.
pull yellow knob to engage, push in to disengage. whole unit is very expensive. what common problemms could occur with this unit. also hydraulic jacks retract but not enough i guess to shut off blinking red light on dash when put in gear.
Does the brake not release or does it not engage? What brand of jacks do you have?
Customer: replied 7 years ago.
parking brake does not engage. i will find brand of jacks and get back with you
The parking brake might just need adjusted. This is just a drum brake on the drive shaft it has a set of shoes that that push out on the drum. To engage the brake it releases hydraulic pressure and a spring holds the brake. If the brake is working you hear a pump run when you push the button to release the brake. The most common problem is just adjustment but you could have brake shoes that are worn down and need to be replaced. The jacks should be a Powergear system so check to make sure the jacks are all the way up, if they are and the light is still on the fluid level is likely low. There is a level sensor on the tank that turns that light on when the jacks are down or the level is low.
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Customer: replied 7 years ago.
Hello Zack, To start off, your dagnosis on the parking brake was great. It needed adjustment. The 2nd part on the jacks is still not remedied. Exactly where is the reservoir located to check the fluid level? All fluid reservoirs that I found and checked are full and the blinking red light remains on. Which brings me to other problems. The printed circuit board under the hood is for the automotive 12 volt system and it has a burn mark on the top left hand corner. There is a phillips head screw in this upper left hand corner that looks like its function is to fasten the board. There is play in this board and when you push it in slightly or pull it out there is a small spark around this screw head. I know the fuse for the power steps is on this board in this area and the power steps stopped working in the retracted position. I don't know if this is connected in any way to the jack electrics but the fuse for the jacks is on this board also. I have disconnected the cables on the automotive battery bank to eliminate the chance of a fire. Approximately what does this board cost and who in the SE georgia area is qualified to replace it. Also, how do I order a new trouble-shooting guide for this model and year as mine seems to have been misplaced.These problems described seem to have a common source. If your suggestions help solve these problems a fair compensation is definitely warranted. 1998 pace arrow vision. Can you help? capt.noah
I think the jack pump is under the hood you might not be able to see it from the top, you might need to climb underneath. It should be right in front of one of the wheels. When you find it, if the fluid level is good you may have a bad float switch. The control board you are talking about has all the fuses for the added stuff to the chassis including the step. This is made by RV custom products or Intellitec. Both of these are replaceable but could be a 2-4 hr job due to the wiring involved. I don't know how much this would cost but it sounds like you need to get it replaced, it should not be sparking. You can call Fleetwood about the manual I don't know if its still available or not.
Zach Smith and other RV Specialists are ready to help you