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Winnebago..The coach 12v system does not work..rv

Customer Question

I have a 2000 Winnebago Journey. The coach 12v system does not work. Where would I find the main breaker on this rv?
Submitted: 7 years ago.
Category: RV
Expert:  Robert replied 7 years ago.

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First make sure the batteries are in good condition and you are seeing 12 volts at the batteries. Next when you hit the house dis-connect switch inside you should be able to hear a solenoid clicking over. To troubleshoot this type of condition a 12 volt test light will help. This unit should also have a converter that takes the AC voltage and turns it into 12 Volts DC. These are normally wired into the breaker panel OR on a outlet it plugs into. Make sure no GFI'S are tripped inside and outsside of the unit. Also check the converter and make sure no fuses are blown on that...With the test light you can probe for power going to the solenoid for the house battery dis-connect, some solenoids have a fuse located on them make sure that is good. IF you have power on one side, but not the other you can try tapping on the solenoid.... HERE is a print that will show you locations of the components. Look like the converter is near the fridge...


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Customer: replied 7 years ago.


I have a 12v test meter. I get 12.6v at the battery and no where else. I have checked the GFI's and made sure they are not tripped. I have not found any solenoids and I cannot find the inverter near the fridge. There seems to be a 110v to 12v Dc near the fridge and it works fine. But I need the 12v batteries to power the fridge, and generator.

Expert:  Robert replied 7 years ago.



Just to be sure after I read your reply, are you getting any 12 volts in the coach? IS the AC portion working when plugged in such as the TV and Microwave??


Thanks, Robert

Customer: replied 7 years ago.


Please give me your name so I know who I am writing to?

I only get 12v dc when I have the shore power connected. Then the lights work. But I cannot get the generator to start at any time. It needs that 12v batteries power to crank it. The fridge will only work with shore 110v ac power. It will not work on gas while the coach is in motion.

The dc to 110 v ac inverter does not work either. nor can I find it. I can find the control above the front window in a cabinette. But the control box is way to small to be the inverter itself.

The batteries for the coach have just been replaced 4 months ago. They are charged and read 13.6v dc. But without crawing under the coach and trace down the wires I don't know where the cables go. I really hate to do that, I live in Georgia and it is parked on the grass over the ticks and fire ants. I can't get to the back of the 12v circuit breaker panel without removing the fridge.

I know this has got to be tough for you to try and tell me how to fix the problem without looking at the rv. I was a technician for AT&T for 35 years and have troubleshot some pretty complex systems. If I have a manual or schematic so I know where to find and check the voltage I will have a pretty good chance of repairing the problem.

Thanks again for trying to help me with this problem...

Expert:  Robert replied 7 years ago.



I am back and missed your reply... My name is XXXXX XXXXX I know from being in perry GA at the FMCA about fire ants first hand bad stuff....


Normally an RV will have a Inverter OR a converter. Looking at the print it looks like you have a converter. When the coach is plugged in the converter takes the incoming AC voltage and makes 12 volts dc for your lights and all your systems. IF you also had an Inverter you would be able to uses your AC appliances and sockets traveling down the road. When you unplug from shore power you are just getting your 12 volts from the battery no converter. With that said most set ups like this are required by code to have an auto breaker on the main positive with in 18" of the battery.. (something to look for) I was also under the impression that the converter in this unit was under the fridge, might have to remove a panel to see it, other locations could be under the bed or behind the breaker panel. The solenoid for the house items appears to be under the front engine access, there should be a bunch of electrical stuff in this area.... I wanted to catch you, I know it is getting late. Please look at the print I sent and I will see what else is available. please only hit ACCEPT when you feel I have been helpful...


Thanks, Robert (RJ)