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Entail to remove a rv motor from a class a with motor in the front

Resolved Question:

What does it entail to remove a rv motor from a class a with motor in the front
Submitted: 9 years ago.
Category: RV
Expert:  Robert replied 9 years ago.

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What is the Year, Make Model and Engine size?


Customer: replied 9 years ago.
Reply to RV help for u's Post: 1984 chevy heritage 454 big block
Expert:  Robert replied 9 years ago.


I just viewed a picture of this RV is this something you plan on doing or an RV repair shop doing this?


Customer: replied 9 years ago.
I plan on doing it I have all the means to do so just dont know easiest way to do it
Expert:  Robert replied 9 years ago.


Normally in the shop we would use the lifts on all four tires, raise the rv, support the engine and trans. and raise the RV away from the engine. I do have some directions on removal however this is and older vintage and may not be very helpful. IF you like I can send the procedures, IF they are not what you are looking for I can opt out for another expert. I think you will know after reading over them. Just to verify is this a 5.7L?


Customer: replied 9 years ago.
No it is a 7.4
Expert:  Robert replied 9 years ago.


This is the information on this vintage. IF you feel it is not enough information I will opt out for another expert, I want you to be satsfied with the information you are getting. I hope this does help.

1979-86 Models

  1. Have the air conditioning system discharged at a repair facility utilizing a recovery/recycling machine.
  2. Disconnect the negative battery cable, then the positive battery cable, at the battery. On the V6 remove the glove box.
  3. Drain the cooling system.
  1. Remove the engine cover.
  2. Remove the air cleaner. On the V8 remove the air stove pipe. On the V6 remove the outside air duct.
  3. On the V6 remove the head light bezels and the grille. On inline six cylinder, remove the grille cross brace and the grille. On the V8, remove the upper radiator support the grille and the lower grille valance.
  4. Disconnect the radiator hoses at the radiator.
  5. On the V8, remove the radiator coolant reservoir bottle. On the V6, remove the power steering reservoir and the hood release cable.
  6. If the van is equipped with an automatic transmission, remove the fluid cooler lines from the radiator.
  7. Remove the A/C vacuum reservoir. On the V8, remove the A/C condenser from in front of the radiator. On the six cylinder, remove the A/C compressor.
  8. Remove the windshield wiper jar and bracket.
  9. Disconnect the accelerator linkage at the carburetor and remove the carburetor.
  10. Remove the radiator support bracket and remove the radiator and the shroud.
  11. On all six cylinders, remove the A/C compressor mounting bracket and position the compressor out of the way.
  12. On the V6 and V8, disconnect the engine wiring harness from the firewall connection. On the inline six cylinder, disconnect the wiring at the alternator, distributor, oil pressure and temperature sending switches and the starter motor.
  13. On the V6 and V8:
    1. Disconnect the heater hoses at the engine.
    2. Remove the thermostat housing.
    3. Remove the oil filler pipe and the engine dipstick tube.
    4. Remove the cruise control servo, servo bracket and transducer.
    5. Remove the distributor cap.
    6. Remove the diverter valve.
    7. Remove the coolant hose at the intake manifold and the PCV valve.
    8. Remove the transmission dipstick tube and the accelerator cable at the tube.
    9. Remove the air conditioning idler pulley.
    10. Remove the lower fan shroud and filler panel.
    11. Remove the hood latch support.
    12. Remove the condenser.
  14. Raise the vehicle and drain the engine oil.
  15. Remove the fuel line from the fuel tank and at the fuel pump.
  16. Disconnect the exhaust pipe at the manifold.
  17. On the V6 only:
    1. Remove the strut rods at the torque converter or flywheel underpan.
    2. Remove the torque converter or flywheel cover.
    3. Remove the starter.
    4. Remove the flex plate to torque converter bolts (automatic transmissions).
    5. Remove the bell housing to engine bolts.
    6. Remove the engine mounting through-bolts.

Lower the van, support the transmission and remove the engine

  1. Remove the driveshaft and plug the end of the transmission.
  2. Disconnect the transmission shift linkage and the speedometer cable.
  3. Remove the transmission mounting bolts.
  4. On the inline six cylinder with manual transmission, disconnect the clutch linkage and remove the clutch cross shaft.
  5. On the V8, remove the engine mount bracket-to-frame bolts.
  6. Remove the engine mount through-bolts.
  7. On the inline six cylinder:
    1. Lower the van and attach a lifting device to the engine.
    2. Raise the engine slightly and remove the right hand mount from the engine.
  8. On the V8: Raise the engine slightly and remove the engine mounts. Support the engine with wood between the oil pan and the crossmember.

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