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Scott B
Scott B, Australia Car Mechanic
Category: Renault
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Renault: service ABS light on the dashboard

Customer Question

How do we turn off the service light on the dashboard for a Renault 2002 Megane. I had it serviced by a mechanic who is not a Renault dealer and he wasn't sure. I also have an ABS light on the dashboard should that be on all the time?
Submitted: 5 years ago.
Category: Renault
Expert:  Scott B replied 5 years ago.

Hi Im Scott

The Service light requires resetting by use of a Scan tool. Renault (and many other European manufacturers ) did this in an attempt to "persuade" customers to use Renault dealers to return to dealerships for servicing. The ABS light is illuminated because there is a fault with the ABS system which also will require the use of a diagnostic scan tool to determine the fault. The dealer is not your only option. Most Auto electricians and some Mechanics will possess a scan tool with the ability to take care of this for you. The dealer is also an option but usually charge more as you are probably already aware.

Expert:  Scott B replied 5 years ago.

Hello again

After pondering your question I recalled I had seen this procedure before. I looked into my archives and found the below. Although it is for a 2004 model the procedure is the same for your model.

The ABS light will still require the use of a scan tool to recover the codes and locate the fault. Sorry to mislead you. Embarassed


Regards Scott