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I am married 20 years, my husband has been in chat sites

Customer Question

I am married for almost 20 years, my husband has been in chat sites with women in the past and we went to counseling and he promised to change. He always comes home after work, never goes anywhere without me, In thought we are in a good and happy place until my intuition told me to check his computer for the first time in years. I found a fake profile, name and picture he is using since 6 month to sexually chat with women, he calls them beautiful. Babe and goddess, states he was never married does not have children, promises to take care of some or exchanges sexual fantasies with them, I confronted him and he did not deny it, swears he loves me and does not know why he continues to this despite how much he hurts me. I am numb,heart broken and really ready to l÷ave and start over, I am so lost and need advise. We do have two teenaged children.
Submitted: 1 year ago.
Category: Relationship
Expert:  Martin replied 1 year ago.

Hi. It may be simple flirting and he may never meet them. It might seem weird but you could ask him if you can join him sometime when he chat with those women. It might simply be the thrill of the hunt, so you may be able to give him a bit of that by not giving it to easy to him so he does not need to look for it elsewhere .

You may also get him into an activity that would fill basic men needs, like animal hunting or playing a sports weekly with other men (preferably a large team sport). It would divert away some this.

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