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After seventeen years I re-connected with my H.S. Sweetheart

Customer Question

After seventeen years I re-connected with my H.S. Sweetheart August 2013 who is twice divorced LT Navy Nurse. She teaches Karate and was f**k buddies with her coach who won't date her. (Probably before the end of both marriages). She slept with me the first night then later told me her bf lived 3000 miles away but they're not exclusive. She broke up with him 2 months later, we became exclusive and said she has always been in love with me since H.S. She showed me a text January 2014 where the ex demanded a pussy pick which she said she never sent. In July 2014 we got engaged. In Italy. I'm a recovering addict and relapsed October 2014 which ended our engagement, not our living together or relationship. Then she got word of deployment. She began and hid her texting with her ex until I caught her, then she deleted each message every time. February 2015 I caught her f**king her karate coach a few times and she lied about it for a week before coming clean. They both confirmed she said we weren't together. One of the times I left the bar because she said she'd be home soon. Four hours later I caught them at his house. Two days later she got deployed to L.A. For training where her ex lives before going to Afghanistan. She said when she saw him she realized she didn't want him anymore. That week found the journal entries of f**king her karate coach which she wrote while we were engaged and the pussy pic to her ex Jan 2014. She said she cheated because she was stressed about war but knows she wants me now. She is trying to plan a wedding and babies for when she returns in October 2015.
I place a high value on honesty, loyalty and integrity of which she has shown none. I've been consistently lied to. Stupidly, I want to give her one more chance but with conditions. She still thinks it's acceptable to teach at his karate school. These are my demands:
She cannot have ANYTHING to do with Bob's karate school or her ex, Mike, EVER-calls, texts, FB, skype, viber, just a visit, meeting up at bars, whatever. She has to have the location turned on her phone, not delete any text messages and give me access to her cell phone account. Anything short of that and it's over. I won't be the guy on the back burner until the coach is ready.
Should I allow her to go to the karate school one more time with me to say goodbye to her friends?
Her mother says she loves me and I believe she does but I don't think she can help but lie and cheat. What do you think? I was her first so I felt different. Should I even bother trying to trust her?
Submitted: 1 year ago.
Category: Relationship
Expert:  Martin replied 1 year ago.
Hi. Being in the army, liking martial art and being in affairs mean she need thrills. The affair is to have a thrill, a feeling of danger. Even if she don't see him anymore, she will start a new one (she may even find this even more thrilling knowing that there is new rules to not see him). Being an ex-addict, you know the feeling, You know it is not good for you, yet you go for it, now with her it is same thing just different drug.