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My ex-boyfriend and I started talking again after 10 years,

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My ex-boyfriend and I started talking again after 10 years, but now he is using words like "my dear" and "my girl". What does this signifiy? Although I like him, I don't want to get it all wrong. Gloria
This depends on many factors. Some people use these general terms on a daily basis and they hold little weight. Men especially can use flirtatious terms with all women, even ones they just met. It's just who they are. You know him well, is this the kind of person that he is as well? He may also be the kind of person who thinks that women are more of a possession and by that I don't mean that as bad or negative as it sounds, I just mean that he can use language which indicates that he feels he has something over you.
It could also mean he wants to get back with you as well.
Again, it's hard to say without knowing him and his personality type and how he uses language.
What you need to do is if you want to work on whatever issues you had in the past and work on repairing those things, then take it a step at a time and see how he handles being with you and talking to you overall instead of focusing on very specific terms.
Customer: replied 3 years ago.

Thanks a lot for your advise, I will work with it. But from what I know about him, he doesn't use those kind of languages or terms any how, and he is a careful person. And about our relatinship in the past, we never really had any issue, we dated when I was young and not ready for marriage, he is older than me. He is a divorcee now and I am seperated.

If he is careful about his language, there may be something to it. I would reconnect with him and get to know him all over again. You are both different people now and who knows? Things could work out this time :) Good luck !
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