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My Wife has become really close with one of my single male

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My Wife has become really close with one of my single male employees, they talk to each other all the time, on FB message, SMS, and now email. They also catch up for movie nights and see each other on weekends. Every time i try to discuss it with her it ends in a big fight, with her going around to his house for a few hours, when she comes back its like nothing is wrong, but the messages are still coming in. I trust my wife, but I feel its inappropriate for her to be this close to someone who works for me, as they have discussed work in the past. Am I over-reacting?
Absolutely not, you are not over reacting!! Her behavior is completely inappropriate in every way. Friends and talking are one thing, but disrespecting your view on it and actually going to his house after a fight is not at all healthy behavior. You need to keep talking with her about it and explain that you do trust her, but that she is not respecting you and that you would never do this to her. Try not to blame her or accuse her, but explain your side of it and put it in whatever perspective you have to in order to get your point across. Based on what you have said, you are certainly in the right to be upset.
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