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Hello, I have been dating my girlfriend for almost 6 months

Customer Question


I have been dating my girlfriend for almost 6 months now, I know it isn't that long but I believe we are truly in love, she always reminds me we are.

Before we started dating she was going back and forth between me and this other guy who she kind of liked. She ended up choosing me over him because she liked me more. Gradually over the school year, the kid would text her saying stuff like "i miss you" and stuff and my girlfriend would always be like "I am sorry" or "I didn't mean to hurt you." Obviously she liked me a lot more. She even had a talk with him that he needs to stop talking to her. During this talk they had she also asked him if "he had serious feelings for him" because he never showed it.

So the school year passed and he had stopped. And just 3 days ago he texted her saying to see how she was doing. During their conversation I saw texts from her saying to him "I want to kiss you" and "Do you still have feelings for me, I do" he said "we are better as friends."

Seeing this I was obviously pissed and called her out on it. She said that she was just trying to get the other to admit he loved her once. My feelings were very hurt and I said I wanted to break up with her, and she begged me not too. She deleted his number from her phone and she promised it would never happen again, she would never talk to another boy behind me back and she was very sad when she said this, and very sincere it seemed. She kept saying to me that "obviously you know its true that I love you more." And she also said "I take you for granted so much, I am so sorry, I don't deserve you." She also said "Don't be so upset its not true and you know it, its just a text its not like I see him or hang out with him; never since we started dating."

I told her that if this ever happened again I would break up with her.

I am very upset I don't understand why she would even ask the other boy that and say that stuff. I know she loves me more than him. I think she is just insecure about herself and is looking for affection from another boy. She never makes an effort to text him, he always does.

Should I break up with her?
Submitted: 3 years ago.
Category: Relationship
Expert:  Dr. Mark replied 3 years ago.
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