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How can a man get involved so quickly with another person after

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How can a man get involved so quickly with another person after a long term relationship? Our relationship was good, was a 3 years. I expressed my desire to move it to the next level, which I felt we had enough mileage to do so, he promised to do it in February and 2 weeks before, he broke up. He said we were not 100% compatible, I never heard before that he thought we were not compatible. I see the fact that he did not want the full circle relationship and that is why he broke up, but what it is hard to me to swallow is the fact that only 1 month after the break up he told me he is dating someone and he changed 180. I was surprised as to how quickly he was able to release our relationship and get involved with another person.
There are a lot of reasons for this to happen and we would only be speculating as to the exact one, but in my experience, he already knew this person, maybe was seeing her or was a friend of his. While this all seemed unexpected to you, I would bet that he had something brewing for awhile and he was just along for the ride the past few months. The reasons for this are his only to know, a lot of times there are problems in a relationship that only one person sees while the other thinks things are going a long just fine. He may also not really be interested in a serious, long term, marriage and this may have scared him, but didn't want to say anything. The botXXXXX XXXXXne is that he was not honest with you about issues that he was feeling, so that they could be resolved. Instead, he decided to walk away from them instead. I wish you luck, I know this is very difficult to come to terms with, and you will go through a lot of emotions as you eventually move on.
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