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psychlady, Counselor
Category: Relationship
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i feel like my partner and i are complete polor opposites.

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i feel like my partner and i are complete polor opposites. he likes to calculat his life to a very fine tee, he is already considering our retirement and things we need to plan for our future and is ready to settle down and have kids. problem is, we are both in our early twenties, i want to experience life and see the world before i even think about settling down. i come from a large family and have two sisters that have four children each so have always been the go to babysitter for them both. i also lived with one of my sisters and her four when i was 13-15 to offer support when he partner passed away, so i feel like i have had enough kids to last me a lifetime, even if they were not my own. the past year has been a bit of a struggle for us both, as we have been arguing a lot over basic things like money, our careers and where to live and i feel like there is no hope for us at all. sometimes i just wish i was single again and live by my own rules. is our relationship worth tryinf to save or a lost cause. im getting unhappy and tired of just going with whatever he wants to make life easier.
A relationship is worth saving if the benefits outweigh the costs. A relationship can work with being different but you both have to want the relationship more than the cost to function in it. Opposites are able to function all the time but it takes a lot of teamwork. If you want to be single that is your right. It depends on whether you want to be single more than you want to be a couple. If that is the case then your heart won't be invested in this relationship. I would decide what you really want - not what you feel obligated for. You have to make you happy first. Don't be in a relationship so you won't hurt the other person. Find your commonalities and work from there. If you think there is no common goals then it may be worth ending the relationship. You have to do what makes you happy
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