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BillLCSW, LCSW, MFT Treating Couples for 35 years
Category: Relationship
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Experience:  Licensed Clinical Social Worker MF Therapist
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I keep having dreams of this guy i met 4 yrs ago. In just about

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I keep having dreams of this guy i met 4 yrs ago. In just about every dream it shows us talking he smiles at me.Then i go to a room he ask me to come walking with him before he leaves looks in my eyes and says i have a sexy body.In other dreams it shows us reuniting hugging each other tight then walking and talking exchange phone numbers. I wonder to my self does he think of me and would he remember me.
I am happy to help you wiith this.

This is a dream that represents unconscious wants.....meaning this is more of an underlying desire that you have that is represented in your dream content.

If this was a relationship that ended and you had or have since wished it would continue- you are telling yourself this in your dream.

I often tell people when they have these types of dreams that if comfortable- make an effort to explore and find out what happened to this person. Unless this was an unhappy ending, there is no harm in making contact with an old boyfriend- if you so desire.

This will resolve your curiousity and most likely release you from having this dream again...

Kindest regards, Bill

I appreciate your positive rating.

Thank you.
Customer: replied 4 years ago.
Hello billcsw
the first part of the dream did happen i was stating with his grandama
Amanda- I do not completely understand what you mean???

"The first part of the dream did happen I was stating with his grandma?"

Thanks, BIll

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