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I have been labeled as having a learning disability for early

Resolved Question:

I have been labeled as having a learning disability for early childhood, but recently I got an iq test because and found it was extremely high. I feel I will never meet a women who will be right for me. I am a virgin still. I feel that my iq has been a defining role in my life because it alienates me from other people. I just feel I do not have much in common with people my age. I dropped out of college and started my own business. I do not fear getting a women because I know I am not bad looking, but will there be a woman who can keep up with me and my sometimes eccentric or sensitive reactions? And counter to popular belief women really do not like people like me because I feel I take the spotlight without trying to.
Submitted: 4 years ago.
Category: Relationship
Expert:  Doctor Kevin replied 4 years ago.
Thank you for choosing this website. There are two issues that you are facing. The first is that if you have a learning disability then there should be a way to compensate for it. If I knew more of what type of learning disability you have I could be more specific in that compensation. The second issue is that you found your IQ to be high and have equated that would never finding one will be right for you.. Frequently people with high IQs will tend to have immature emotional intelligence and that makes it difficult for them to find suitable girlfriends. Have you considered joining a club like Mensa where everyone has a high IQ? Intelligence has never been a detriment when it comes to forming relationships. If you give me a better idea of the behaviors you see are preventing you from having a relationship I may be able to be more specific in my suggestions
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Expert:  Doctor Kevin replied 4 years ago.
Matt I hope my answer helped. In the future if you want me to answer a question put for "Doctor Kevin" on it and I will get it

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